Glenny Balls Getting Duped With This Fake $40k Baylor Bet As a "Prank" Was One Of The Most Messed Up Things I've Ever Seen

I just watched my dick get kicked in by Baylor to blow one of my chances at a bitcoin in the Barstool Bracket Blockers contest and I'm more mad about what happened to Balls here. With no exaggeration, one of the cruelest things I've ever witnessed. Karime really thought this was funny? Halfway through the guy just the pulled a "gotcha" and told poor Glenny his $40,000 bet he was cruising with is non-existent. FOURTY THOUSAND DOLLARS. Baylor won by 13. I wanna puke for Balls. Look how happy he was...

Glenny with a helluva line at the end saying they're not close enough friends to pull that prank. Incredible. He's one of the nicest fellas I've ever met with zero mean bones in his body, but this situation sparked true anger and I don't blame him. Credit to him for not breaking Karime's neck right then and there.  I don't know if there's any level of friendship that this plays honestly. 

Glenny called this the worst moment of his life and I buy that. The gambling gods best be rewarding him with a Syracuse win and part of a bitcoin. 

If not, Karime is a dead man walking. Wanna talk bad gambling juju? 

Catch the live stream here.