2-4-1 Tuesdays: RA's Gambling Corner Feat. Murls

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The Canadiens haven't played since March 20 while the Oilers just played Saturday night. I think it's gonna take a bit for the Habs to get back in the swing of things so we're taking the Oilers in the first period at EVEN. So whatever Edmonton does in the first, that's what your bet does. If they're winning after one, you win. If they're losing after one, you lose. If they're tied, you tie. We're also gonna jump on the Oilers money line -105 and -1.5 +300.

Good luck to all.

Friend of Spittin' Chiclets, son of The Capital District, and 17-year pro Matt Murley will also be sharing his picks here as well.

2-4-1 Tuesdays

Murls Take: One of many promotions I am drawn to is any type of 2-for-1 deal. Is there any other place that offers deals like this other than Spring Break? Panama City is an absolute must if you are in college. And with that, we stay in Florida for a parlay that makes me antsy. Tampa is the best overall team in the NHL and the Panthers are playing the Red Wings. This ML parlay should not only win but be a laugher for the crew. Two parlays as we stack checks!!

Murls Pick: Tampa 5, Columbus 2; Florida 4, Detroit 1 

Murley's Best Bet: Money line parlay with Panthers/Lightning (both just need to win game); puck line parlay with Panthers/Lightning (both need to win by 2 or more)

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