Get Some Norris Division Action With Tonight's Spittin' Chiclets Props

Now that the Barstool Sportsbook is live in Illinois, we can offer even more props for teams that used to kill each other in the Norris Division. For the Red Wings tonight, you can bet that Filip Hronek tallies a point and Detroit wins. If you risk 100 and it happens, you win 415 (boosted from 365). 

A few hours to the west in a different state, you can get some Blackhawks action in. If you put 100 on both Kane and DeBrincat recording a point and Chicago winning, you win 230 (boosted from 195). 

In tonight's NHL Boost, you can bet on Sid scoring a goal and the Penguins winning the game. A 100 risk wins 440 if it happens (boosted from 390).

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