Sexy Pork Chop Hasn't Run A Race Yet And The Horse Racing Industry Already Can't Stop Talking About Her

Outside of Alright, Frankie, Smokeshow City, Handsome Hank and Weird Haircut Seth (the team, the team, the team), Sexy Pork Chop might honestly be the strongest name in horse racing history. 

But today we have Sexy Pork Chop making its debut in Indiana. Listen, people bet horses all different ways. Some rely on just betting greys (they always win). Some rely on betting strictly odds. Some look at past performances, bloodlines, etc. And then there are the name bets. This is peak name bet. You don't name your horse Sexy Pork Chop unless it's a winner. In fact, it's almost a guaranteed winner when you line up Sexy Pork Chop in the gate. You know it's a good sign when you google 'Sexy Pork Chop horse' and nothing comes up. Just recipes on how to make spicy pork chops. 

But thanks to HollywoodRaces we can see the sire and dam: 

Irish Road won 5 outta 9 races. Like the start! Cow Creek Cat has hit the board 10 out of 22 times. We'll take it! Sexy Pork Chop comes from a good run here. I know how I talked about Essential Quality as the favorite to win the Kentucky Derby, but he needs to be counting his lucky stars that Sexy Pork Chop is just getting started. Monomoy Girl and Swiss Skydiver need to be lucky that Sexy Pork Chop isn't in the Apple Blossom. All I can think about is Sexy Pork Chop. 

I always struggle with the age old question of if you owned a horse what would you name it? In college we all pitched in and had a little piece of Kentuckysoldierboy. Won its first race at Churchill. Strong names do that and what was hotter in 2008 than Soulja Boy? But now? I have no idea. Do I stick with something lefty? Maybe just go Blogging Machine. Blogging Machine can win a race at Keeneland. Sounds intimidating too. Maybe stick to my favorite and go Bounce Pass? That's a traditional horse that just competes. Last one on the track type of horse. 

Sexy Pork Chop is currently 12/1 scheduled to run at 5:30. You can get your bet on the horse at HollywoodRaces.