There's No Other Way To Put It, I Need To Become Best Friends With This Guy

This might just be a combo of Big Ev and Glenny but I don't care. I'd love to bet horses with them too. This guy is someone I'm ready to be best friends with, plain and simple. Oh you're having a nice little day in the pool? That's fine. But we got the 4th at Keeneland to worry about here. It may just be because I’m a horse racing fan, but these are my favorite videos on the internet. Horse racing guys will do ANYTHING to get a horse home. Whether it's pretending to be a horse, the giddy up move or complete silence, there's a go-to for any horse racing guy. No one will top him: 

I love this pool guy though. Cigar in the pool is an A+ degenerate move. The dig it is such a great line too. You know the feeling when you're on a horse watching them come down the stretch and your guy has the lead. There's always a horse on its pocket and you're just counting down the lengths. Just gotta dig it. I would love nothing more than to find out this guy was betting a harness race here.