This Shirtless Snapping Man Is The Exact Type Of Person You Want To Bet Horses With

I will blog and RT every single one of these videos. They are my favorite on the Internet. There's a key when it comes to betting on a horse race. You need a line, you need a superstition, you need something. For this guy it's snapping. I can't stop laughing when he hits us with the 'where the fuck is the wire' in the accent, pants falling down a bit. It's just perfect. I say it all the time. The ancillary characters that are involved in horse racing are always the best. There's always content with this shit and top notch people watching. But the point is you need something. Whether it's pretending you're now the jockey and using your program, whether it's screaming the number, whether it's sitting quiet. You need to have a thing with horse racing. 

This is the highs and lows with horse racing. You think your dead before the final turn and all of a sudden you got a closer. Unlike an under in basketball, you're not dead until the race is over. The man here though rationalizing it and doing the reverse jinx. Sign me up for a day at the track with him. No doubt he's like The Tank with the Mets. Just assumes his horse is dead to rights out of the gate. 

And for the sake of this blog, let's add a pick-4 for closing day at Keeneland. I talked about it before but I'll say it again. I plan on doing horse racing content and really growing it common man style. I bet pretty much daily on horses. It's something I always liked. I also like to play cheaper pick-4s and 5s. I'll target somewhere between $30-80 tickets. You'll rarely see me play an all unless it's a small field and makes sense. I'm not saying I'm an expert or anything like that, but we're going to give out some pick-4s and 5s each week. I know some of horse racing twitter and people can be stuffy. I want this to be fun. It's supposed to be fun. That said, here's what I go today at Keeneland thanks to HollywoodRaces. The late pick 4 starting in race 7.