It's Thirsty Thursday On RA's Gambling Corner Feat. Murl

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The #PeskySens landed us in the black last night to finish up a very profitable year betting on Ottawa.

Tonight, I know the Avs can still win the Prez Trophy and have owned the Kings this year. But I see a goalie mismatch in that game tonight and think L.A. +390 has some value. So we're taking the Kings money line +390. We're also throwing 20% of the money line play on LAK -1.5 +670

Good luck to all.

Friend of Spittin' Chiclets, son of The Capital District, and 17-year pro Matt Murley will also be sharing his picks here as well.

Thirsty Thursday bet more = win more night!

Murls Take: Thirsty Thursday!! The schedule tonight is like getting excited for a Happy Hour only to see your ex at the bar making out with someone else. But similar to that scenario we buckle down and find winners. The big game on the docket is Avs/ Kings. If the Avs win, they win the Presidents' Trophy and have the top seed/home ice. This is our key game. Vancouver/Calgary is playing for bonuses and checking the flight schedule to somewhere warm. Remember the rule: buy a round to get a round! Let's run!! 

Murls Pick: Avs 6, Kings 2; Canucks 4, Flames 3 

Murley's Best Bet: Avs -1.5 -148, Avs over 4 team total +110

Parlay Plus: Avs over 5.5/Canucks over 6 +248

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