Here's All The Reasons Why I Love Kris Bryant To Homer & The Cubs To Win Tonight

I've been pushing this bet for the better part of 3 weeks now and I'll be honest guys. It hasn't hit. 

Probably a good thing for the Penn National people but personally I'd rather kill the bookmaker figuratively. I don't think I have a BEC run in me until the weather really gets hot but at least for tonight I'm confident we're getting the first one on the board. 

At present moment I want to say we're down 12 units. I was never much of a pen & paper guy so just take my word for it. Feels like it's been about 12 units. Nothing we can't win back starting now. 

And before you whine bitch piss moan or complain about my strategy: please know that the Cubs are bound to win some more baseball games and Kris Bryant is equally bound to hit some fucking long balls. Spare me the computer simulations when you have the eye test and some good old fashioned logic. If you read my deep dive yesterday then you know KB is the best version of himself right now. Maybe I sound like an unstable Hinge match but that's the god's honest truth. KB is reaching his full potential and that's good for the Cubs either way. 

Either way = good enough to make an October run OR sell at trade deadline for young depth. Ultimately Jed has to make the decision and KB is making it a lot harder than anyone anticipated. If they think they can squeeze a playoff run AND make money, they'll do it. If that's out of the question then he's getting shopped around. So enjoy his time while you can and let's ride him into the sunset. And if that doesn't work then just know the Pirates absolutely blow. 

Last reason. MLB released this video today and I have no idea why. 

That's a months old clip laid over a decades old movie. Makes no sense which is why I love the KB prop tonight. Let's ride.