I Have A Warm Feeling In My Underpants About The KB Yabo Prop Tonight

Kamil Krzaczynski. Shutterstock Images.

I'm not even joking when I say I really like this one tonight. The Pirates suck and Kris Bryant is due. My brain says it's a lot easier to get to 1-13 on this than 0-14 even if the numbers suggest otherwise. I personally couldn't find any more value if I tried. 

+650 is where we start our comeback and build our momentum. Don't overthink things. 

In other news the Cubs have not lost a game by more than 1 run since April 30th, good for 21 straight games. That's absolutely preposterous. KB's homered in just two games since then. Ipso facto this buzzkill won't last forever. We're due for a breakout and I'm throwing a textbook dart into tonight's prop. You're more than welcome to join me under the exclusives tab on the homepage of the BarstoolSportsbook app

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