There’s Only One Thing To Do If You’re Rained Inside On Memorial Day Weekend

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Gamble (Responsibly). We have rain expected for the next 48 hours in the northeast and it’s torturing my soul as well as the thousands of goombatz who flock to the Jersey Shore every Memorial Day Weekend to crush vodka red bulls and fist pump their faces off for a long weekend. The weather may be terrible but THANK GOD we have sports. A Full day of playoff basketball, playoff hockey and baseball. Let’s ride. Here’s today’s card:

Blazers/Nuggets over 227.5

This series has been an absolute track meet. In three games this series we’ve seen totals of 232, 237 and 235. Both sides have huge matchups to expose on offense with Dame and CJ for the Blazers and the Joker for the Nuggets. Nurkic and Enes Kanter have absolutely no answer for Jokic and neither do the Nuggets have one for Dame and CJ with Austin Rivers and 5’11 Campazzo. After hitting threw in a row I’ve gotta fire a bullet here. Love the over.

Padres -1.5 +115

Yu Darvish on the mound. 5-1 with a 1.75 ERA and 74 Ks in 61.2 innings. Facing off against Jake Odirizzi who’s been getting absolutely hammered this year in his first few outings touting a 10.13 ERA in 8 innings of work. Need I say more? Okay I will. The Padres are getting a DH added to their already stacked lineup in Houston. Their DH today is Fernando Tatis. Gimme the Padres here. 

White Sox -1.5 +145 (Game 2) and Team Total over 3.5 +110

WHITE SOX ARE FACING A LEFTY. I REPEAT, THE WHITE SOX ARE FACING A LEFTY. I know this lefty is John Means and he is phenomenal. I know this is only a 7 inning game. I don’t care. I could support a family of four (I’m currently a family of 1) if the White Sox faced a lefty everyday. The money I’ve made off them this year has kept me afloat from a thou Sand losses. This is an auto bet. Lock in the White Sox and the TT over. 

Jazz/Grizzlies over 224

Ja Morant has been playing out of his mind with 35, 26 and 47 in his last three games. He wants to push the ball up the floor and the Grizzlies as a whole wanna get up and down. Even though the Jazz have been a slower pace kind of team, they’ve been a willing participant to run a little more in this series and if there’s any game they’re really gonna run, its Game 3 in Memphis. I think we‘re seeing Ja Morant take his game to the next level and start putting himself in the conversation as one of the elite point guards and players in this series. I think Ja, Dillon Brooks and the rest of the squad can score enough on Utah to get this total over.