I’m Officially Declaring Today, June 1st, as National Overs Day

Brutal. Absolutely brutal. Go up 15.37 units for the month of May and don’t win the Picks Central Gambler of the Month Championship belt??? When this crew has had months where every single one of us was in the red? Tragic. Congrats to Marty on one hell of a month and the entire crew on +35 unit month. At the end of the day what matters most is...... ya boy made a ton of money these last few weeks. Gimme the money, fuck the belt word to Dustin Poirier IYKYK. We’re about to keep this momentum into the beautiful month of June, let’s ride. Here’s today’s card:

Twins -1.5 and Twins/Orioles over 9

FADE THE ORIOLES INTO THE SUN. The Orioles have lost an insane 14 games in a row, with 11 of them by 2 runs or more. If that’s not enough to sell you, here’s the pitching matchup. Michael Pineda is pitching for the Twins with a 2.62 ERA. Bruce Zimmermann is pitching for the Orioles with a 5.15 ERA. Don’t over think it. Take the Twins on the run-line and take the over 9. Both pitchers have been susceptible to the long ball, giving up 19 on the season combined. The Twins have been on an absolute tear of overs hitting at a 21-7-1 clip for the month of May. 

Athletics ML and -1.5 +115

The As are coming off three straight losses, the Mariners are coming off five straight wins and as a wise man once said, “water always finds it’s level.” The As have been a phenomenal road team this year with a 14-8 record and are sending arguably their best pitcher to the bump tonight in Chris Bassitt. I think the A’s get back on track here and pick up a win over a very over achieving Mariners team so far this season. 

Suns -5

How I see it this is an absolute must win for the Suns. At home for Game 5 with AD definitely out tonight but nothing concrete for games 6 or 7, you absolute HAVE to win Game 5 at home. We’ve seen Lebron come back and win a game 6 and then game 7 on the road on the biggest stage against one of the best teams in NBA history. I certainly don’t have that same trust in the Phoenix Suns. do I think they can win this series with the current circumstances? Yes. Do I think they’re going to if they lost tonight? No. Take the Suns laying the points tonight at home. 

ALL NBA OVERS: Suns/Lakers over 207.5, Blazers/Nuggets over 225.5, Nets/Celtics over 233

Nets/Celtics over 233 - The Nets are an automatic over bet for me right now. They simply have the best formula for overs in all of basketball. They have an unstoppable offense that scores a shit ton of points plus they have a horrendous defense that gives up a ton of easy baskets and doesn’t stop anyone. Simple enough right? Take the over here. 

Blazers/Nuggets over 225.5 - This series is a certified track meet. Two teams that wanna get up and down the court and shoot a ton of threes. The over has hit easily in three of the four games so far this series and I don’t expect much different to happen tonight. The only game where it didn’t hit was the Nuggets shitting the bed entirely and scoring a dreadful 95 points. Both teams don’t match up very well with each other defensively, especially the woeful Blazers centers trying to guard Jokic. Dame and CJ at the end of the day are almost always gonna get there’s. I love this over. 

Suns/Lakers over 207.5 - With two good defensive teams and a low total, I think this is a great time to jump on the over. AD being out should help this over quite a bit. Firstly, not having AD on defense should give a solid boost to the Suns scoring, especially in the paint even though Ayton has been getting his as it is. Not having AD’s length is a massive loss to the Lakers defense. On the other side of things, AD being out means Montrezl Harrell is probably gonna be starting and getting a lot more minutes for the Lakers. When Harrell plays the Lakers are way more willing to play fast than they are with AD which calls for way more iso situations. Overs are all about tempo. I think without AD we see the Lakers play at a faster tempo and worse defens, which should be the recipe to cashing the ticket on this over.