This Crew Is The Sort Of Crew You Need To Be With During Any Big Time Horse Race

I love this guy. I love this guy so much that I've blogged about him before and said I want to be best friends with him. 

The man wants to pop his top and watch horses. Well, buddy, sign me the fuck up. I'll go tarps off and cheer for the exacta to hit. Maybe he even got the pick-4 in like the rest of us. Vinny Gooch is the perfect name for a friend too. Why? Because you know he's showing up or hosting with the perfect spread. He's not letting the boys go hungry. He's going to have a program printed out for you too. That's the key here. You want to watch big races with a guy like that. A guy who is going to bet all 13 races on the card with you and highlight shit and give you all the degenerate highlights. 

The race itself? Well it was awesome. 

Hot Rod Charlie ran as good of a race you'll see a second place runner have. Essential Quality showed why he was the favorite for the Derby and Belmont though. He's a monster horse, especially when he gets a clean ride like he did on Saturday. All I ask is we get one more race at Saratoga or Breeders Cup or anywhere big with these two in it. Give us a rematch. 

Vinny Gooch hit me up and let's party.