I’m Betting The Sixers Because A Picks Central Caller’s Girlfriend is 26-0 Attending Philadelphia Sporting Events And She’ll Be At Game 2 Tonight

First things first, let me explain. This is Mark in Philly. He was the number one Picks Central caller who would call in every single day and actually give very good picks than won way more than lost. We developed a relationship with him on the show and he would usually be the first call we would take everyday. On June 2nd (Day of Game 5 of Sixers vs Wizards series) Mark in Philly drops this atomic bomb of a tweet that goes viral about his girlfriend never being in attendance for a loss for a Phillies or Sixers game in her entire life. Not only has she not lost, but she’s got an incredible track record of 25-0. That’s a real sample size people. A lot of people were chirping in the comments that he was a jinx and that it would not only ruin her streak, but the Sixers season with Joel Embiid being ruled out for the game. Not only did the Sixers win but they absolutely SMOKED the Wizards that night, even without one of the better players in the league. 

Now some of you may not believe in superstition by I certainly do. Guess what.......

MARK IN PHILLY’S GIRLFRIEND IS BACK IN THE WELLS FARGO CENTER!!!!! She’s back in attendance tonight for Game 2 after a loss at home in Game 1 to the Hawks. Listen, as a gambler there’s certain trends/stats that mean something and some that don’t. If you give me any sort of stat where the record is 26-0, without even the slightest hesitation I am IN. So is the Sixers -6 on my card tonight? You better fucking believe it, pal. 

If they win tonight I think the Sixers organization has no choice but to give her tickets for the rest of the playoffs. If not they’re simply just not using all the resources at their disposal to win a NBA Championship. So I’m not going to give you any analysis on data, stats or matchups in this game that’s a total waste of my time to write it and yours to read it. 26-0, that’s all you need to know (bars). Don‘t over think it, don’t try to be a hero and fade Mark in Philly’s girlfriend. Just take the Sixers. 

(If you really want me to give you some stats, the +/- for Sixers starters are all positive while for the bench players it’s all negative. For the Hawks the entire starting lineups +/- are all negative and the bench is all positive! What a coincidence! If Doc Rivers makes the adjustments and distributes the minutes better and the Sixers should roll.)