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Justin Jaynes (The UFC Fighter Who Bet His Entire $25k Paycheck On Himself) Unfortunately Lost His Fight Tonight

In case you missed it, UFC Featherweight Justin Jaynes put it ALLLL on the line this week when he decided to wager his entire $25,000 paycheck on himself at (+140)....

....and uhh, UPDATE! 

It did not go his way tonight.

Jaynes needed a finish going into the third round, and actually kinda rocked Charles Rosa, but shockingly went for a takedown in that moment. The look on DC/Paul Felder's faces truly said it all….

I can't imagine the gut-wrenching feeling of knowing you went through an entire fight camp, traveled to Vegas, got into a cagefight that went all three rounds, and then didn't make a penny in the process. Dude's flying home on his own dime tomorrow. Ouch.

According to Jaynes, he's got no regrets, tho….

….so good for him, I suppose! I can't go an hour without a regret or two as a super anxious dude, so I'm envious of his care-free way of life. 

Good on ya Jaynes.