Megan Makin' Monday MLB Picks

Monday MLB picks

Orioles F5 ML (+155)

It’s not a secret that I love rookie pitchers and Spenser Watkins has been very good since being called up a few weeks back. He faced two of the best lineups in baseball with the Blue Jays and White Sox and only gave one run in each game. Yarbrough has been solid as of late, but at this big plus money price give me Watkins and the O’s F5. 

Detroit Tigers F5 ML (-114) 

It’s very hard to go against Gibson with how well he’s pitched all year but the Tigers seem to be his kryptonite. The last 3 times Gibson has seen the Tigers he’s given up more than 4 runs. On the flip side the Rangers have only seen Mize once and he pitched well going 4 strong and only giving up 2 runs. While I do expect Mize to still be on a pitch count, I think there is awesome value in the F5 with the way the Tigers bats get to Gibson. 

Reds ML (-121) 

Going with the Reds to shake back after a BRUTAL 3 game series against the Brewers where they just got smoked. I like the matchup here against the Mets(sorry Frank) and specifically like how the Mets have never seen rookie Vlad Gutierrez. He’s got some good stuff and has done very well(besides a few games against the Padres) since getting the call up in late May. I just think in the end the Reds bats will be too much for  Eickoff and Gutierrez will give the Reds a quality start.