Money Makin Monday... Maybe

Blue Jays F5 +118

I hate going against the freight train that is currently the Red Sox(especially as I blog for a company founded in Boston) but this spot just feels so right. The Red Sox are coming off a crazy series against the Yankees and I can see them coming out of the gates a bit slow to start the game, especially with Pivetta going. While Pivetta has looked great at times this year, the Jays have straight up owned him. Pivetta has given up over 4 runs in each of his 3 starts against the Jays this year, so going against him straight up in a F5 bet is the best way to play this IMO. While Hatch’s inexperience does scare me a bit, I think he has the advantage with the Red Sox having only seen him one time in his entire career. Again, a Devers 3 run shot could make this blow up in my face(that’s what she said), but I like the value too much here with the Jays F5 at plus money. 

White Sox F5 ML (-117)

If you gamble(which I’m sure you do if you are still reading), you are constantly hearing about “trap lines” and “trap games”. To a lot of people that believe in that kind of thing, this White Sox line is probably very stinky to you. But luckily I don’t really believe in “trap lines/games” and I think the White Sox is the right side here, especially in the F5. Let’s start with the obvious trend most MLB bettors know, the White Sox mash lefties. While this felt more true last year when they didn’t have all these injuries, the White Sox are still mashing lefties and I think that continues today against Minor. Minor has been able to hold down the White Sox in two of the three games he’s started this year, but the White Sox know how to hit him(peep career numbers against Minor). Not to mention they are getting Eloy Jimenez back which should definitely add a spark to the offense. Keuchel is always a scary bet because of how much he pitches to contact, but I think with this short price on the White Sox F5 the value is absolutely there and I'm all over it.  

As always, please bet responsibly!!