Green Bay Packers Season Preview... Aaron Rodgers is back, now what?

Green Bay Packers

Over 10.5 wins -125

Div: -200

SB: +1200

Let’s address what I saw a ton of on social media regarding this team. OVERREACTION, yes you want to get ahead of news but you have to remember 99% of the time the bookmakers have the same access to information you do. Point in case, everyone that bet the Vikings to win the NFC North. Aaron Rodgers had the Packers by the balls. He wasn't retiring. Now you're stuck with a bad number. In my humble opinion, Packers still hold value here in -200, while not usually my style the book hasn’t full adjusted on this one. 

As far as the 10.5, I’m not a fan of laying -125 and having a double digit win total, but sometimes it has to be done. Green Bay is only a dog at Kansas City and at Baltimore this season. I believe Rodgers will play with a chip on his shoulder. Last years MVP campaign he had a 48 to 5 touchdown to INT ratio. If he can even begin to replicate last season with the additional weapon in Randall Cobb, give me over 10.5 wins.