Are the Niners Super Bowl bound? A lot of sharp guys seem to think so

San Fran 

Under 10.5 wins -130

Div: +190

SB: +1400

Is Trey Lance going to be the starting QB in San Fran?! How could they do that to my beloved Jimmy G? I know a lot of sharp guys betting this Niners squad to win it all. With the ensuing QB battle going on at camp, I have to wait until I see Shanahan make the right decision and roll with the veteran quarterback. 

In theory the Niners should win 12+ games, they're favored in 14. They have the easiest schedule in the NFL. Last season this team was decimated with injury and were on the wrong side of many turnovers. With that being said, if you factor in luck, both injuries and turnovers should be on the side of the Niners.

No bets here for me.