Can Jameis Thrive With The Saints?

New Orleans Saints

Under 9 wins -117

Div: +300

SB: +3000

Jameis was already awarded his first L of the season after losing Michael Thomas to injury, as if Drew Brees' shoes weren't already too big to fill. Brees completed upwards of 70% last season, 24 TD's and 6 INT's... he doesn't make a ton of mistakes. On the flip side, Jameis is just 28-42 in his 70 starts. And most surprising to me, his interceptions were less than his touchdown passes. 121 to just 88! Hey, at least Winston is fun to watch, you never know what might happen next... Touchdown or Pick Six. 

The Saints are favored in nine games, so kudos to the bookmakers for making it interesting. Couple of pick em's will be the deciding factor for this season. Alvin Kamara rushing yards set at 950.5. All you fantasy buff's should know this is a pretty hefty number. Give me the under. Jameis isn't dumping it off to the running back.