49ers -9.5 Is an Early Entrant for Bad Beat of the Year

If you had San Francisco -9.5, I am so sorry. It's only Week 1, but this is going to be right there with the best of them for Bad Beat of the Year.

The 49ers had a 41-17 lead at the two-minute warning. You read that correctly. Two minutes left, 24-point lead.

That's when everything went to shit.

Detroit scored and got the two-point conversion, but that's fine. Just fall on the onside kick and we're all good.

To quote Lil Sas, "I'm still gonna hold, but that's not good."

And now you're in the seventh circle of Hell. There's still a two-point conversion left to go, but you can just feel it at this point. It's all about to come crashing down.

And to add insult to injury, it comes on one of the best catches you'll see all day.

Anyone who had the 49ers deserves about three games of good luck to make up for that. Pain.