Spittin Chiclets Guide to Betting Hockey Part II: One-Way Contract


The goal of any rookie coming into the league is to perform well enough to earn the next contract and get paaaiiid. The rookie deal is over and congrats it’s a One-way this time… this is not easy to accomplish but here you are.  This is the contract that allows for the second car and you have officially become the tab guy. An everyday player now concentrates on consistency where the stakes are bigger and the expansion of the variety of betting is here.  This is part 2 and we jump on the magic carpet to make a push for titles and HOF status. 

6. Betting Futures 

“The gambler had the patience of a monument!” This perfectly describes what a future bet shows the bettor to be. The money will be tied up for a long time but the returns can be juicy. These types of bets are great for the casual bettor who does not have 4 screens going on a Tuesday night in January hoping for puck line Jesus (see part 1). Popular futures are typically Stanley cup winners, conference winners, or certain year-end award winners. 

Example of one of my future bets:  Is there a bigger Leafs sniffer than Biz? Probably but he is in the top 5 for sure. So below is a future bet I made on the Leafs' total points for the season, so I can win money, but also chirp Biz all year. Total points are based on wins and OT losses. The reasoning is simple, they do not play for the regular season this year, they want to win the Cup so they will take a few nights off to make sure they are ready for the playoffs!

7. Live Betting

Now here is a bet that will blow you Uncle Paulie’s mind when you show him the Barstool Sportsbook app this Thanksgiving.  Live betting is one of the greatest things to ever be developed in the gambling world and makes hockey so exciting to watch. Who hasn’t been in a bar with a buddy that watches 5 minutes of a game and says “Yeah your team is going to lose this game!” and the reflex answer is “Wanna bet dude!” This is live betting in a nutshell and the creators of the Barstool Sportsbook have given us the perfect platform for it. It really is made for action bettors and those of us who watch the game closely. Who hasn’t seen a team go down on a fluke play but is dominating the game and wanna bet them now with big odds?  Well as a Barstool bettor this is now possible and can be very lucrative.  Since I believe in transparency this is one of my favorite betting angles. 

Example of Live betting: I was preparing for a KHL game recently and there was a team I was keen on betting but I got distracted and the game started without my bet.  After quietly going into the bathroom and giving myself a stern talking to in the mirror I went back to see that the team I loved was down 1-0… I pulled up the app and my team who was -160 before the game was currently +110 so I hammered it.  The team didn't get their dose of gas that day and went on to lose 4-2 and I lost, but the story holds true to a live betting experience.

8. Single game Parlay+  

This wager type is the new cool kid on the block and I am here for it.  If there is a game a bettor has circled and wants to get a huge return then read this. Every bettor has looked at a game with all the bets associated and seen multiple ones that they love. So this bet makes this dream a possibility… Thank you Barstool Sportsbook!! 

Example of Parlay+: The bet is fictitious… The Biz part is true. Blackhawks vs. Coyotes in Arizona.  We want some big action on the game since Biz has set up drinks after at one of the more upscale establishments and the tab will be passed your way since Biz will be in the bathroom.  So log in and go to Parlay+ bet, Hawks -150, Kane to score anytime +250, Total over 5.5 -110, and Kessel over 2.5 shots -120.  $100 Parlay+  bet pays $2,962.  It's a winner and the Pink Whitney will be flowing like the salmon of Capistrano. 

9. Barstool Sportsbook Boosts:

Bet with Chiclets! Write it down- tattoo it- add it to your daily reminder list to check the app every day for these bets.  These are some of the best options for bettors to ride along with the crew. $EBR baby!! This bet type always gives great odds and allows a bettor to be creative and try to punish a misstep by the book.  The Chiclets crew will be creative all season long with these boosts to find winners for everyone that follows. Go under Exclusives on Barstool Sportsbook and the bet will be there with much better odds than you can find anywhere.  

Example of a Boost: 

10. Player Bets

The final step and a rewarding one is if a bettor can pick out a player to get shots, get a point or score a goal.  This bet makes me antsy on many levels. This bet has been in Europe for years and Barstool is making it great for hockey bettors. If you were on the ride with $EBR during the cup playoffs then you should have won more than you lost and had a blast doing it.  This is a savvy bettor move and the good news is Chiclets will be putting these out so anyone can tail. 

Example of Player Bets: Again you are looking for a big payout here and your favorite players are both on the ice tonight during the Jets and Blue Jackets game.  You watched the Sandbagger so Werenski and Copp have become your favorite players and you know they will score tonight.  Put $100 on Werenski anytime +400, so when he scores you collect $400. Copp you know scores the first goal all the time so you put $100 on the first goal at +1800 and when he scores to make it 1-0 Jets, you do laps around your living room and collect $1800. 

There it is, all 10 steps to being a savvy pro at the Barstool Sportsbook. Please download the app and keep an eye out for Chiclets gambling in blogs, on Twitter, and maybe even one of those planes that pull words at the beach. Get ready because this season is going to be big.

As always bet responsibly !!!

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