Let's See If We Can Run Back The Magic From Last Weekend

What a weekend boys and girls! Thank you to all of you that followed along on my underdog parlay that paid $8290 on a $100 bet. . We're free rolling for the next 82 weeks. Feels pretty damn good, but this season is far from over. Now there were quite a few dogs I considered this week. I did narrow them down to five. Western Kentucky +10.5 in the "3 blondes parlay" with Kaycee Megan and myself. Sneaky under dog this team is, but I don't see them winning in East Lansing.  Stanford +8 I also considered but not sure they can spring the upset over Oregon, and Charlotte +11, they were a sharp side earlier in the week but I didn't use them because I cannot name a single player on their team. 

So who did I bet on the moneyline this week? 

Let's start off in the Big 12. Texas Tech fresh off a Texas ass whoopin'. On the flip side West Virginia just took OU to the wire in Norman.... I've said time and time again, no team is as good (or bad) as they looked the previous week... AND the Red Raiders defense can't look any worse than they did last week.  The loss of Tyler Shough last week is already built into the line.  This game goes down to the wire. +7 is a gift, and +235 is worth a sprinkle. 

Next up the Wildcats, sorry not the ones from K-State, the ones from Kentucky +7.5 & +255 on the money line. No doubt the Gators have looked stout to start the season offensively, but on the flip side of the ball they give up a ton of yards. Now I know Kentucky hasn't beaten Florida in Lexington since the 60's, but hey, that's never stopped me from considering a team before. Take the better defense plus the points here. The Wildcats have a good shot to spring the upset at home. 

There was once a point in time you couldn't take a moneyline dog on the blue turf. Those days have been over for a while. The Wolfpack have owned the Broncos against the spread. 7-2-1 in the past 10 seasons. Boise State has been outgained in every game this year. Carson Strong should be able to throw all over this defense. Look for Nevada to have a bounce back after their bye week. Nevada +6.5 and +185 to win this one in Boise. 

This week's parlay pays $3290 at the Barstool Sportsbook. I've never hit one of these back to back in CFB, let's see if we can change that on Saturday.