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Forecaster Frank's Lessons from Week 5

It looks like I had a strong week at 10-5-1 that was close to being a terrific week. 

Thursday Night

LAR -2.5 (o/u 54.5)

My Pick Rams 38 Seahawks 27

Score Rams 26 Seahawks 17

With the hand injury to Russell Wilson, the Seahawks season is on the brink of being over. They had struggled with him as their defense has underwhelmed. Without him, they are likely to be out of the playoff race before November. 

Result: WIN

Sunday in London

NYJ + 3.5 (o/u 46.5)

My Pick Jets 24 Falcons 20

Score Falcons 27 Jets 20

The Jets and Zach Wilson suffered a letdown coming off their first win, as the Falcons played their best game of the season. Neither team is good, but the Falcons are not as bad as they looked in the first two weeks of the season.

Result: LOSS 

Sunday at 1

Car -4 (o/u 44.5)

My Pick Panthers 30 Eagles 9

Score Eagles 21 Panthers 18

Sam Darnold looked like he saw ghosts again as he struggled against an Eagles defense that entering the game had been one of the worst in the NFL. 

Result: LOSS

Cin +3 (o/u 51)

Bengals 31 Packers 27 (OT)

A strange game with more missed kicks than any game I have ever seen, including one that hit the windsock on the uprights. The Packers won, the Bengals played well, and it was a push. 

Result: PUSH

NE -8.5 (o/u 39.5)

My Pick Patriots 34 Texans 6

Score Patriots 25 Texans 22

The Patriots escaped with a win but did not play well. The Texans, one of the worst teams in the NFL, led into the fourth quarter. The Patriots need to play better if they are to stay in the postseason hunt.  

Result: LOSS

Ten -4.5 (o/u 48.5) 

My Pick Titans 37 Jaguars 10

Score Titans 37 Jaguars 19

The Jaguars losing streak stands a 20, the third-longest in NFL history and the second-worst since the merger. It is looking like the hiring of Urban Meyer could be the biggest blunder Jaguars history. 

Result: WIN

Det + 8.5 (o/u 49)

My Pick Vikings 22 Lions 16

Score Vikings 19 Lions 17

The Lions know pain—the first team to lose two games in a season on last-second field goals over 50 yards. The score of both losses was 19-17. The Lions have guts; they just don't have any wins as the Vikings are bullies who are not as good as their record. 

Result: WIN

Pit -1 (o/u 40)

My Pick Steelers 13 Broncos 10

Score Steelers 27 Broncos 19

The Broncos 3-0 start has been exposed as fraudulent. The Steelers played better, but Ben Roethlisberger is still looking old as he moves around like Frankenstein in the pocket. 

Result: WIN

TB -10 (o/u 48)

My Pick Buccaneers 20 Dolphins 6

Score Buccaneers 45 Dolphins 17

It is a disaster in Miami as their latest rebuild has failed and the trade to give up their 2022 pick is a disaster as Jaylen Waddle is the worst receiver in the NFL, as the losses mount with an offensive line that could be among the worst in NFL history. 

Result: WIN 

NO -1.5 (o/u 44.5)

My Pick Saints 20 Washington 16

Score Saints 33 Washington 22

The Saints have been feast or famine this season as they have looked like Super Bowl contenders in three wins and pretenders in their two losses. Taylor Heinicke has shown flashes, but Washington needs more consistency. 

Result: WIN

Sunday Late Games

Chi +5.5 (o/u 44.5)

My Pick Raiders 24 Bears 20

Score Bears 20 Raiders 9

Maybe the Raiders should have had Nick Castellanos playing quarterback; he could have thrown a few bombs while Jon Gruden apologized. 

Result: WIN

LAC -1.5 (o/u 47)

My Pick Chargers 20 Browns 10

Score Chargers 47 Brown 42

An exciting back and forth game was ruined by a horrendous pass interference call against the Browns. These teams can meet again in the playoffs as they both appear to be the real deal. 

Result: WIN

SF +5 (o/u 50)

My Pick 49ers 23 Cardinals 17

Score Cardinals 17 49ers 10

Trey Lance had an uneven debut but appears to be the future for San Francisco as the 49ers played well, losing to the unbeaten Cardinals. 

Result: LOSS

Dal -7 (o/u 52)

My Pick Cowboys 37 Giants 17

Score Cowboys 44 Giants 20

Dallas is looking more dominant each week as the Giants now have injury issues to go along with the fact that they are mediocre at best. 

Result: WIN

Sunday Night

Buf +2.5 (o/u 56.5)

My Pick Bills 38 Chiefs 27

Score Bills 38 Chiefs 20

The Bills look like the best team in the NFL, while the Chiefs look like a team that has gone stale and is suffering from a Super Bowl hangover.  

Result: WIN

Monday Night

Bal -7 (o/u 46)

My Pick Ravens 31 Colts 13

Score Ravens 31 Colts 25 (OT)

The Ravens rallied in the fourth quarter as the Colts collapsed, with Rodrigo Blankenship missing two field goals and a PAT as the Ravens marched down and scored on the first possession of overtime.

Result: LOSS