Spittin' Chiclets Boost: Point Night with Whit

Chiclets Point Night Boost with some Ryan Whitney seasoning!

The 2 player boost at plus $290 cashed in 21 minutes last night! That is a rate of return that will make anyone come back for more and Barstool sportsbook has obliged.  But back to last night, Atkinson and Hyman not only got a point but also buried a few goals to quietly chirp us for not doing them as anytime goal scorers.  Like a wise man once said ‘Greed is good!” so gather your winnings and let's get some of it back in action today.

If a 2 player point prop cashed that easily … well then what about a 3 player point prop. The Whit has been a point guy since he was snapping it around for the South Shore Kings and this ability did not stop through high school, college, and pro so out of respect for the man the boost is all about the D man.   Keep reading on for more correlation to the Whit!

1. The first player in the winning trio is Victor Hedman. The big Swede has been dominant in Tampa and is in the mix for the most valuable player every year. He logs 30 minutes a night, can score, shut down the top players, and makes fewer mistakes than Grinnell producing the podcast. Hedman will have a point easily against the lowly Coyotes. 

Fun Fact:  Whit played for Modo in the Swedish Elite League which is also Hedman’s hometown team. (Whit Stats: 2 gp 0 points -4)

2.  The next player in the boost is the guy who should be picking up checks for Biz for a long time since he is probably the only Bruin in history to get paaaaiiiddd. Charlie Mcavoy is a top 5 two-way defenseman, who is everywhere on the ice for the Bs. The Bs traveled from Florida last night and waved goodbye to the Elbo room only to head to the Waffle house capital to take on the Hurricanes. This Carolina team is one of the strongest in the league but Mccavoy will get an assist on the PP and keep moving the Chiclets bettors down the road. 

Fun Fact:  Whit and Mccavoy both played at Boston University (I scored my first college goal 6 minutes into my first game freshman year against BU ..NBD)

Whitney: 107 GP 16 goals 43 assists 59 points

McAvoy: 75 GP     8 goals 43 assists 51 points

3. The final leg is always the hardest so the choice was easy!  Spittin Chiclets’ and almost all of hockey’s favorite Keith Yandle.  Yans has come over to Philly and been lighting it up for the Flyers with 5 assists in 5 games!  With the Flyers playing last night in Edmonton, we are pretty sure they did not make it to the Roxy on Granville so this game has all the makings of a run and gun style which suits the SONK master perfectly to pick up a point. 

Fun Fact:  Whit and Keith are childhood friends and they worked out together every offseason in Boston.  Obviously, Yans must have done a few extra reps during this training, and Rochey and I were in Whit’s ear about getting the lead at the casino. But that is a story for a later date!!

So let's hit another boost and continue this beating of the Barstool Sportsbook 

+650 Hoooolllly , that will buy a lot of Pink Whitney this weekend when we hit!!

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