College Football underdogs barking week nine

Last week Chaps writes an article called fade Kelly and all hell breaks loose. 

I can't really blame him, I said a few weeks ago we were due for some regression and that BITCH came roaring in. 0-3 Woof. Week Nine of the College Football season HAS to be better to us. (Cause it can't be any worse!)

Miami +9 and +290 at the Barstool Sportsbook

I KNOW.... What you're going to say. Miami killed us just a couple of weeks ago in Chapel Hill.  But this isn't about the Canes. This is about Pitt, Kenny Pickett and my favorite field goal kicking coach Pat Narduzzi. We have a quintessential let down spot people!!! This team is so busy reading their press clippings after beating an offensively inept Clemson squad. Plus, Pickett is now on the radar of the Heisman committee coupled with a Noon start in Pittsburgh. Where is there a better spot to fade? I think not.

Indiana +5.5 

Bottom line, the Hoosiers lost that Michigan State game twice. Once late in the 4th quarter and then again last week to Ohio State. I know, this team couldn't cover a 5 year old in a one and one basketball game. BUT 5.5 point underdogs to Maryland??! In what world? Hear me out before you jump in the comments, Maryland has given up 121 points in their last three games. This defense can make any team look good including a freshman QB who's actually an upgrade from Tuttle. Indiana finally covers a game, and wins it outright for us +180. 

UTEP +11 

Surprisingly I know a considerable amount about this University of Texas El Paso. Just follow the Bill Snyder coaching tree and you'll know why.  Personally I believe it's a good thing I repeatedly used the #FireDanaDimel hashtag years ago. How better to perfectly set him up for this moment... What was I so fired up about in his days at Kansas State? His role as Defensive Coordinator, but it's no wonder the Miners have a top 10 defense in College football. By week 9 if you don't already know where I'm going with this, I can't help you. Take the better D + the points. Look for the Miners to keep the ATS streak alive and possibly get us the +340 in Boca. 

This weeks parlay pays 47 to 1 at the Barstool Sportsbook! Good luck to us, we need it.