The SEC Always Has Been And Always Will Be Kentucky's League

So yesterday Rico talked about Alabama landing Brandon Miller. Good. Great for the league. The more talent that comes in, the better the league is going to be, the better Kentucky's resume is going to be. I'm here to talk about something different though. This year. We're a week away from college hoops and you're going to see a lot of stuff start popping up on the blog. We talked about futures. 

And we're going to have rankings and other preview blogs to get ready because this season is one of my favorite in a long time. So today we focus on the SEC thanks to Rico giving me a jumping off point. There's been an arm's race, for sure. But this league is Kentucky's league. Always has been, always will be. As good as coaches that have come into the league - Oats, Muss, etc - they all still know they are chasing Cal and Kentucky. They need to adapt to beat Kentucky. 

But let's go to the Barstool Sportsbook

Still the favorite and rightfully so. Go ahead and get the jokes about last year off. We're onto this year. Hey, Alabama and Arkansas have completely fixed shit and are good teams. But Kentucky is Kentucky. Watching the exhibition on Friday you can already see Cal changing. Starting 3 guards, the first 6 shots being 3s? That's not what we're used to seeing. Gone is the bullshit post offense and long 2s. In are a bunch of dudes who can shoot, putting Oscar T in the middle and spacing the floor. In comes TyTy Washington. Get to know him. 

This is the most veteran team Calipari has ever had at Kentucky. He only has 3 freshmen on the team - Washington, Hopkins and Collins. The lesson is when teams start to think they have Kentucky figured out, Cal changes. Mintz (Davion, not Ben) can come off the bench with experience and shooting. Everyone knows their role and they'll keep growing as the season goes on. 

Take the +225, make money. They've won the SEC regular season over 50% of the time Cal has been head coach. Pretty good odds.