Chiclets' Boost +350 Warms My Soul Like a Mug of Glühwein

Tuesday’s Chiclets' Boost +350 Warms My Soul Like a Mug of Glühwein

First, what is Gluhwein? This winter drink is massively popular in Europe and Scandinavia. The recipe is easy… it is a hot wine with some spices that is passed out at Christmas markets like it could save humanity.   The boys love this drink as much as they love betting Overs.  A 5-way parlay of games scoring at least 5 goals is good old fashion family fun. The NHL slate is massive tonight so picking the right 5 was really key and it may be the wine speaking but man I am confident in this one. Below is the recipe to get the cash and buy yourself a new Chiclets Ugly Sweater for the holidays!!!

Carolina at Tampa Bay - Carolina has been dominant to start the year averaging 3.9 goals per game through 10 games. The Canes could get us over 4.5 on their own most nights, but Tampa is 11th in the league in goals per game so they will pitch in on the scoreboard as well. Could this be a single over 5.5 -110 for the crew as well? 

Carolina 8-2 over 4.5 Tampa 9-2 over 4.5

Florida at New Jersey - Florida like the Canes have started off on fire and are currently 2nd in the league in goals per game at 4.1. Devils are at home and with the help of their wild fans should be able to tickle the twine at least a couple of times. 

Florida 10-2 New Jersey is 6-4 over 4.5

Edmonton at Detroit - Connor Mcdavid and Leon Draisaitl are usually all you need to get over 4.5, so far this season Oilers avg. 4.4 goals per game. We will all be tuning in to watch which defenseman they embarrass tonight, so we had to have this game in the parlay. Detroit and their young Swedes are on the rise and their PP is good enough to score a couple here for us. 

Edmonton 8-2 over 4.5 Detroit 8-5 over 4.5

Pittsburgh at Chicago- Chicago played tight and won for their new coach in his first game which is always expected with a coaching change. Tonight they revert back to their loosey-goosey style vs. a Pitt team that likes to play fast. This season without their big stars they are still averaging 3.3 goals per game and are not afraid to exchange chances.  Kane will be flying around like Roenick in NHL on Sega Genesis in the movie Swingers. 

Pittsburgh 7-3 over 4.5 Chicago 10-3 over 4.5

Seattle at Vegas- Had to make sure we had a late game in the boost to keep everyone awake to the early morning hours.  Seattle the leagues' newest franchise loves to play open hockey and as we know Vegas first periods love to go over the number. A low "yes" and a fist pump when this game goes over and we cash the boost, as to not wake the rest of the family. 

Seattle 10-2 over 4.5 Vegas 7-5 over 4.5

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