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Favorites Went 11-0 In The NHL Last Night & We Came ThisClose To A Goalie Goal Puck Line Jesus

I stared at the board for hours yesterday and didn't like anything. I'm more inclined to take a 'dog so it was damn good night to abstain because faves went 11-0 (with three shootout wins). And it looks like a few folks took advantage of this gambling anomaly. Imagine throwing in a $5 shits-and-giggles parlay and having it pop for $1100? And more than 25% of the winners came via shooutout?

Horseshoe City

That's a great hit. But I'll be shocked if that happens again this NHL season. 

Meanwhile, we almost got our first ever Puck Line Jesus via a goalie goal last night in Anaheim. 

The Ducks pulled Gibson looking for the late equalizer. Former Anaheim goalie Freddie Andersen made a bid for the -1.5 cover and the puck was on track to make gambling history. But Ducks D-man Cam Fowler made the sprawling dive to prevent it and keep his team alive. A hell of play by Fowler but I'd have much preferred see Freddie get a tally and yet another PLJ cash.

"Goalie goal for the puck line cover" would be a hell of a prop to offer. Gotta be at least 1000/1. But if you hit that one, you can retire as a gambler. 

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