I Absolutely LOVE The Blackhawks Tonight In Calgary And A Boost To +950 On The Barstool Sportsbook Has Me Tingly

Maybe it is just my memory, but every single time the Golden Era Blackhawks were finally home from a long road trip where they kicked everyone's ass they'd ALWAYS lay an egg the first home game. ALWAYS. Close your eyes and think of the first home game after the Circus Trip and I guarantee you you'll remember a loss. 

Calgary is playing their first game at home after 7 game. It is the last game before the league breaks for Thanksgiving. They're home. They see their kids. They reconnect with their wife or girlfriend. They relax. Lose a little focus now that they're out of the routine from playing on the road. It is human nature to mail it in before a vacation and that goes double when you're playing a basement dwelling team after a long road trip. This is the quintessential trap game for the Flames. 

The Blackhawks on the other hand know they NEED to win this game. Basically a must win game in November if they have any hopes of saving their season. They laid their egg against Vancouver the first two periods before locking them down and stealing two points. If they can bring that energy and focus that they had in the 3rd period in Vancouver they'll have a GREAT chance to steal another two points behind a red hot MAF

Another streak that is due to end...the Captain has to score. He just has to. He often starts slow, but the rust is off at this point. He looks good, but he hasn't potted one yet. That ends tonight. I love the Blackhawks and I think Toews gets one tonight. You parlay those two things and you're looking at +950 on the book

I am fired up for the game tonight and we had pretty good hockey talk on Redline today. Full Ep below