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Forecaster Frank's Picks: Week 12 Thanksgiving

There were no lessons this week as I battled the Ikea dresser from hell. Perhaps the lesson is to pay for Ikea to build it. I did have a strong week, posting a 9-6 record. My record on the season is now 81-83-1, a percentage of .494. 


Det +3 (o/u 41.5)

Lions 16 Bears 13

The Lions have worked together as well as I did assembling Ikea furniture. Thanksgiving is for three things, Food, Family, and remembering the Lions exist. With Andy Dalton starting and Matt Nagy coaching, this is a game that Detroit will find a way to win.

Dal -7 (o/u 51.5)

Cowboys 37 Raiders 16

The Cowboys suffered a loss in Kansas City on Sunday, but they have been able to put other losses aside with blowout wins. Expect this one to get ugly fast as the reeling Raiders get carved up like the turkey. 

Buf -6 (o/u 45.5)

Bills 30 Saints 16

The Saints have been ravaged by injuries, looking like the carcass after everyone has had their Thanksgiving feast. The Bills have been sluggish, but this feels like a game for them to find their footing as they make life hell for Trevor Siemian and the Kamara-less Saints. 

Sunday at 1

Pit +4.5 (o/u 45.5)

Steelers 27 Bengals 24

It has been 12 years since the Bengals swept the season series against the Steelers. The Bengals are playing well and are a strong playoff contender, while the Steelers are on the bubble. This is the type of game that smells like a Pittsburgh win on the road.

NYJ +2.5 (o/u 44.5)

Jets 20 Texans 16

The Texans had one of the most shocking wins of the season, beating the Titans on the road. The Jets are reeling at 2-8 but should get a boost from the return of Zach Wilson at quarterback. 

Ind +3 (o/u 52.5)

Colts 30 Buccaneers 27

Jonathan Taylor is starting to make a run at the MVP as he carries the Colts into the playoffs after a poor start. After scoring three touchdowns last week against the Bills, expect another big day as the Colts try to chase down the Titans in the AFC South.

Jax + 1.5 (o/u 46.5)

Jaguars 27 Falcons

No team has looked worse than the Falcons in the past two weeks. Expect that trend to continue as the Jaguars get a home win, with Trevor Lawrence outshining Matt Ryan.

Car -2 (o/u 42)

Panthers 17 Dolphins 13

The Dolphins have won their last three games to bring an ember of hope after their 1-7 start. However, with an offensive line as solid as the jellied cranberry sauce shaped like a can, it is only inevitable before it ends up back in the can.

Ten +6.5 (o/u 44.5)

Patriots 24 Titans 20

The Patriots seem to be getting stronger every week, while the Titans stumbled at home against the Texans. This spread is a reaction to that. However, the Titans will at least keep this close.

Phil -3.5 (o/u 46)

Eagles 31 Giants 19

The Eagles are starting to hit their stride, with wins over the Broncos and Saints, while the Giants are chasing their tails after firing offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. 

Sunday Late Games

Den +3 (o/u 47.5)

Broncos 20 Chargers 17

Two teams that are the symbol of inconsistency; you never know what team will show up on either side of the field. The Broncos at home will find a way to win this one. 

GB -0.5 (47.5)

Packers 31 Rams 20

The Rams got the bye week at the right time as Matthew Stafford played terribly in two primetime losses. Stafford has never played well in Lambeau; look for the Rams to fall again.

Min +3 (o/u 49)

Vikings 24 49ers 20

Both teams have played well to get back to 5-5. The 49ers have struggled, especially at home. The Vikings will get the win as they carry the momentum from their win over the Packers.

Sunday Night

Bal -3.5 ( o/u 47)

Ravens 27 Browns 16

Baker Mayfield is hurting, and the Browns are barely hanging on. Facing the Ravens on Sunday night, they will begin to fall out of the race, as Mayfield's injury has all but stopped Cleveland's offense. 


Was -0.5 (o/u 46)

Washington 24 Seahawks 13

Washington Football Team hopes that the Monday night jinx died with the name Redskins. The Seahawks, meanwhile, are in the midst of a lost season. Look for Washington to continue their resurgence and improve to 5-6.