The European Lunch Menu Combines Food and Winning. Everything Tastes Better For Free!

The European Lunch Menu Combines Food and Winning. Everything Tastes Better For Free!

EBR’s Thirsty Thursday shots night was a complete sweep and probably encouraged a few extra celebratory Pink Whitney shots leaving us all a little fuzzy today.  The recovery is as important as the night before so let’s get back on the horse with a great European slate. Everyone knows the process… win at lunchtime, sneak out of work early, get a nap in and wake up with NHL bets. All Gas no breaks baby!!!

Prague is a city known for its beer and great architecture, but a favorite thing from my trips to Prague was the street meat.  Street meat for all rookies out there is the hot dogs sold by vendors on street corners. The permanent little stands in Prague are scattered throughout the city strategically placed so after a night of beers you can bump into one every 11 steps on the way home. This is a smart move to ease the hung in the morning.  Also, the beers in Prague are heavy so it takes a little longer to get down which only extends the night.  Great city but the hockey team needs to show up.   

Czech Extraliga  Prague -1.5 -165

Land in Stockholm and take the escalator down to the train station for the easy ride north to Modo. The shot bet theme was all about the Swedes so this is a thank you. Everyone who comes to Sweden to visit or is on vacation is strongly recommended to try the kebab pizza. . Here we combine two of my favorite foods in the world, Kebab and pizza. Before the train ride in Arlanda airport, look for  the O'learys order a Falcon beer and next door is one of the best Kebab pizzas you can find.   Swedish pizza is circular, very thin and the perfect size for an individual order. Kebab, onion, tomato and garlic sauce are the toppings and again it gives you a great base to go along with your day when you have done too many shots of Fisherman. 

Sweden Allsvenskan  Modo 3-way -134

Another stop in my world tour hockey career was in Germany and the food was amazing, but this is a tip on what is the best beer in order to wash down the late lunch.  Germany is well known for its beer and Cologne is home to Kölsch Brewery. Someday this city will be home to Biz’s and Draissaitl’s Cologne company but for now it will remain famous for this pale, hoppy and top fermented beer enjoyed throughout Germany. When you cheers in Germany make sure to look directly into the eye of the other people at the table when you clink the glasses or its 7 years of bad luck.

German DEL Kölner Hale 3-way -141

Friday European hockey has been huge for the EBR crew leading us into the weekend, so let's get to Barstool Sportsbook, hit these games and check back later for our NHL plays.

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