Spittin' Chiclets' Friday European Beer and Gambling Menu

The celebration of a +1125 Spittin’ Chiclets Boost and a 2-1 Pink Whitney Shots night has us feeling a little fuzzy this morning.  We all enjoyed the huge win to the early morning hours and the only way to shake the cobwebs is to mix in a nice cold beer over lunch. We need a big Friday as we head into a weekend full of action so let's get it.

Finland- SM-Liiga 

If you ever get the chance to visit Finland and I suggest you do, you will find yourself doing 2 things, taking a sauna and drinking beer.  Karhu has always been my favorite beer when visiting Helsinki. Karhu, which is the Finnish word for bear, has a black label with of course a golden bear on its bottles and cans, so it's easy to find. The tallboys are for the veterans and the small ones are for the rookies.

Murls' Best Bet:  Jukurit 3-way -125 

Key Stats:  Jukurit 10-2 last 12 games. Vaasan Sport 3-12 last 15 

Czechia- Czech Extraliga

Czech beer has long been talked about around the world and in our gambling blogs this season. Today we will talk about Kozel which means male goat in the Czech language. You will find this bottle or draft when you see the brown logo and the giant goat holding a nice-looking draft.

Murls' Best Bet: Trinec 3-way - 136

Key Stats: Trinec is 14-5 at home. This Zlin team is awful and is 4-15 on the road.

Sweden- Hockeyallsvenskan

Sweden is not as famous for their beer as they are for so many other things, but in my time here I’ve found one beer that I really enjoy. O'Leary's the sports bar chain throughout Sweden always has the coldest Falcon on tap no matter the city. You can look for it in the SystemBolaget as well and it's the navy blue can with of course a giant falcon on it. More on the SystemBolaget at a later date.

Best Bet: Modo/Tingsryds over 5.5 -150

Key Stats: Modo’s last 7 games have averaged 8.1 goals per game.  Also, remember Whit played 2 games for them, so they love to get points.

Germany- DEL

Germany has long been known for its beer and of course Oktoberfest, but today we will talk about Augustiner Helles. There is no animal on this label but if you are visiting the south of Germany and looking for the best beer it's a green and blue label with a picture of an old man on it. 

Best Bet: Straubing/Bremerhaven over 5.5 -155

Key Stats: Straubing’s last 12 games have gone over 5.5, 25-7 overall this season.

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There it is your Friday Beer menu to shake the hung from all the Pink Whitney last night, let's get all these bets in over at the Barstool Sportsbook and have our wallets flush for the NHL games tonight. Rumor is there will be another Spittin Chiclets boost tonight, which is hands down the hottest bet in sports right now.

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