Big Deal Selects Official Chiclets Cup Contract

Well, it's official, thanks to my intense training video Biz saw enough and decided to let Chiclets Nation vote on whether I was worthy of a spot on the Big Deal Selects for the upcoming Chiclets Cup in Las Vegas.

I can't thank the fans enough as the vote went in my way in a landslide! Who's the 21.2% by the way? They are the real pigeons, but it doesn't matter now, I will be in Vegas competing for a championship next week. The Big Deal Selects are currently +550 to win the Championship and drink Pink Whitney from the Cup.

Thank you again to all the fans that voted and helped me get to the Chiclets Cup. Here is a sneak peek at my contract that Biz and I finally agreed on after months of negotiations.

Standard Player Contract For The Big Deal Selects 

This agreement is executed between The Big Deal Selects located in Scottsdale, Arizona (herein referred to as the “Team”) and Murls (herein referred to as “Player”) This agreement shall be effective as of January 22nd.

Section 1: Required Services

Terms: The player agrees to a one-tournament contract for the Chiclets Cup. At the conclusion of said tournament player will become a free agent.

Employment and Services: While under contract with the team the player agrees to do whatever it takes to win the championship at the Chiclets Cup.

Other Activities: The player agrees to:

- Be available for all media obligations.

- Be in charge of ice for the cooler on the bench.

- Organize team-building activities. 

Section 2: Compensation

-The player agrees to be compensated at the rate of 1 bottle of Pink Whitney per goal scored in the tournament.

-As a signing bonus, the player shall receive $25 free play for the craps table.

Performance Bonuses:

  1. Top scorer on the team: Pair of Watson Gloves

  2. Make Championship Game: Case of beer from Budweiser Canada

  3. Win Championship: A Biz50 promo code for life.



Signature Club President                     Date

Paul Bissonnette


Printed Name Club President


Signature Player                                 Date

Matt Murley


Printed Name Player

Twitter: mattmurley19

Instagram: murls_ebr