Spittin’ Chiclets 2022 Olympic Preview

Spittin’ Chiclets 2022 Olympic Preview

Where: Beijing, China 

When:  February 9th to February 20th

Game Times: The tournament is being played 13 hours ahead of the Eastern Time Zone, so this means crazy hours of action for Chiclets Nation following in the US.  For our growing European faithful, Beijing is 7 hours ahead so these games will mostly be early mornings and afternoon.

Arenas: Beijing Indoor Stadium and Wukesong Arena

Teams: The tournament will feature 12 countries, split into 3 groups of 4. 

       Group A          Group B       Group C

        Canada           Russia           Finland

        USA                Czechia         Sweden

        Germany        Swiss             Slovakia

        China             Denmark        Latvia

Group Play: Each country will play 1 game against the other 3 teams in the group.

The winner of each group receives a bye into the 2nd round, along with the highest-ranked of the remaining teams.

Elimination Round: 4 rounds of elimination games 

The remaining eight teams play an eliminating qualification game to advance to the quarter-final round. 

Quarterfinal, Semi-final, Bronze Medal Game, Gold Medal Game

Players:  NHLers stayed home, so teams are made up of European Pros and US college players. We will have a separate blog tomorrow and the next day with info on some of the top players for each country and the probable starting goalkeepers for each nation.

The Action:

Nobody on the planet has followed and gambled more on European hockey over the last 10 years than the EBR Crew.  There are 18 round-robin games in this tournament and there will be many where we have a serious edge.  EBR has boots on the ground in Beijing watching the Olympic Village and asking for autographs and keeping an eye on which teams are focused to win games and which ones are most concerned with mingling. Everyone has heard the stories of the Olympic village antics but with Covid maybe it will not be as rampant. 

There will be some funky lines throughout this tournament that might scare away the average bettor, but EBR knows all about these players and these teams. This gives a great opportunity to see winners that maybe the average bettor would not. 

Let’s have some fun over the next couple of weeks betting these games at crazy times and then we will make sure to roll the profits right into the NHL. It's going to be a hockey overload for a few weeks and we love it!!!

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