FINAL NOTICE: Responsibly Take A Look At Joel Embiid +500 For MVP Before It Becomes -10000000

We've been telling ya. We've been telling ya all season. We said so when JoJo was at 40-1 odds to take down MVP at the beginning of the year. We said so two weeks ago when he was +1500. We said so last week when it dropped to +1200, then +1000, then even +800 before tonight's game on First Time, Long Time. Well enough is enough. This is our final warning. It would greatly behoove you to responsibly take a gander at Joel Hans Embiid to win MVP of the National Basketball League at +500 - RIGHT HERE ON THE BARSTOOL SPORTSBOOK

So what happened with Jojo to make the line drop so much tonight? Oh just another casual 42 and 14 game with 4 assists and 4 blocks to lead his team to another victory (and the -8.5 cover). Embiid is now the first Sixer since Wilt Chamberlain, who was pretty solid imo, to go 35 and 10 in 4 straight games since The Stilt did it in 1966. Annnnnd he's also doing solid shit like this: 

The dude is playing absolutely unreal. What's more amazing is he is virtually the only threat the Sixers have and he still can't be stopped. Now the ONLY real criticism towards Embiid not winning the MVP last season over Joker was the fact he missed too many games due to injury/load management. This year? He's playing and dominating every single night. 

It's Joel Hans Embiid's world and we're just living in it. Hop on board before it's too late. 

Now do me a favor and CUE IT!!!