All Time, ALL TIME, ALL TIME Bad Beat In The Kentucky Game Tonight

This is on Oscar. He's not used to winning like this after spending some time at West Virginia. He needs to remember the cover play and it's a 40 minute game. Go get a bucket. We're out here trying to win NPOY and get back to the Final Four and the 9th title. 

So this is on me. I need to help coach up the guys in the bounce back year. We gotta remember the 40 minutes and not stop at 39:57. I feel the need to apologize for not getting that through to the crew. Sure it was a win to get to 20 on the year. Sure, it keeps us top-3 in KenPom and top-4 in NET. Sure, we're a top-5 team and it's road win. Sure, it keeps the path to a 1 seed alive. But there's more than that. You need to always play through the whistle. 

I know bad beats are overplayed, but you had the dunk. He pump faked the dunk! Oscar, come on, finish it for the people. We can't just be happy winning games anymore. We're Kentucky. It's time to finish.