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Team:                                                               Odds To Win Cup:

1. Colorado Avalanche                                           +450

The team has too many weapons to list them all. This team can win in so many ways and are the best skating team in the NHL. Getting knocked out early last year has taught them what it takes to go all the way. The only question mark is goaltending.

2. Tampa Bay Lightning                                          +750 

To win 3 in a row is an enormous challenge, but with Hedman, Kucherov, Point, and Vasilevskiy I could see it. This team can fight, play shutdown defense, and score at a tremendous pace. If they get the Leafs in the first round it is a must-watch.

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3. St. Louis Blues                                                   +2100 

Our dark horse pick and with odds like this they will pay for our summer in Saratoga watching the horses if they can lift the cup come June. This team will need to get a few bounces along the way and will need Jusso or Binnington to catch fire.   

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4. Florida Panthers                                                 +750 

They have a chance if they can find a way past Tampa this year. Who doesn't wanna go to the finals in Ft. Lauderdale!? The top two lines can play with anyone and finally, Barkov and Huberdeau will have a chance to become more well known as absolute stars in the league.

5. Toronto Maple Leafs                                           +1100

Don't tell Biz but can't we be confident in a team that has never made it past the first round. The Leafs are going to need a good match-up to make a run. If they have to play Tampa, it could be an early golf season again. Plus the goaltending will have to get hot. We all know what Biz thought last year and what eventually happened.

6. Calgary Flames                                                 +1000

Great coaching, legit offense, and top-tier goaltending are a recipe for a cup. Add in the crowd in Calgary watch out.  They have been so hot, if you are a Flames fan are you concerned this all happened too soon? 

7. Carolina Hurricanes                                           +800

They are a top regular-season team because of the intensity they play with each night. In the playoffs, everyone plays that way so it will be tough.  The one thing is this team never quits and has great special teams which are huge in the playoffs.

8. Vegas Golden Knights                                       +800 

Pulling "The Tampa" by putting Stone on LTIR, so we won't see a full roster til the playoffs.   But if Eichel is a full go and Stone comes back this team is a legit cup contender.  The Knights will have to fix the PP to make a run.. Going 0-100 in the playoffs is unthinkable. Lehner is ready to take the mantle or do they make a late trade.

9. Minnesota Wild                                                  +1500

Exciting team and an amazing year, but they are a couple of years away. Teams have to win a series or two before they can make a run for the cup. I still would not want to match up with this team.  Tough and have an absolute superstar plus the fans are rabid which will get them a home win or two alone. 

10. New York Rangers                                           +2000

Shesterkin is a cup-caliber goalie, but the same as Wild they are still a couple of years and pieces away from a serious run.  Match-up dependent but they can win a series. Not only is Igor winning games for the Rags, but he almost scored too!

11. Pittsburgh Penguins                                         +1600

Would make me happy to see Crosby and Co. make one more run.  Everyone knows you can never count them out, but it would be a surprise.  Do we see early season Jarry or the goalie who looked lost last playoff season? I do not think they have the juice to make a deep run but never bet against 87.

12. Boston Bruins                                                  +2000

Nobody loves a good Bruins playoff run more than Barstool and Chiclets Crew, if we get 2 series to live-stream it's a successful post-season for the Bs.  The team has been much better when splitting up the big line and creating two scoring lines.  

13. Nashville Predators                                         +3000

RA will tell you that Saros can lead this team to the Finals, but they are not good enough. If they trade Forsberg at the deadline they are an immediate fade.  This team is not going into Calgary and beating the Flames.      

14. L.A. Kings                                                          +5000

The team has been playing great and cashing some nice tickets for us, but lifting the Cup will not happen.  The team looked like they were going to be a seller at the deadline but this great play has put them in a bind.

15. Edmonton Oilers                                             +2400

Unless they add a goaltender and two defensemen at the deadline, they will be lucky to win a round and Whit will be getting his ear pierced.  The players around McJesus and Draisaitl have to lighten the load so that teams can not just zero in on them all game. 

16. Columbus Blue Jackets                                  +30000

Possibly the hottest team in the league and a great choice for the over every time they hit the ice. Laine is a beast right now.

17. Winnipeg Jets                                                 +10000

Six points out right now, if they can get in the dance they have a chance to get to the finals. 100-1 is worth a shot especially with a home-ice advantage like this!!

18. Washington Capitals                                       +2700

Thanks to a great start they are in the playoffs, but the team is reeling and has no chance against those top East teams in a 7 game series.

Murls' Best Bet For Wednesday Night:

Nashville Predators / Seattle Kraken Over 5.5 +100         

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