I Have A Message For Joe Sakic: Kindly, Fuck Off

I used to love Joe Sakic, the player (although I was really more of a Peter Forsberg guy). I have tremendous respect for him as an executive. Having said all of that it is FADE ON SIGHT if he comes calling for Patrick Kane. Fuck off man. This is one of those we'll call you, don't call us. I want to hang a GIANT "NO SOLICITORS" banner across the Madison to let everyone know that Patrick Kane isn't available until Patrick Kane decides he's available. Until then delete Kyle Davidson's number. I am going to get Kyle Davidson this hoodie as a welcome gift

We have more good times to come and they start today. Patrick Kane to score and the Blackhawks to win is somehow boosted all the way up to +400. I think the BarstoolSportsbook calculator is broken, but...REMOTE SIGN-UPS ARE FIXED. 

For the first time in a year you can sign up for the Barstoolsportsbook app right on your phone. We have GREAT promos for the Bulls and that boost. Details below. Go Hawks. Go Bulls. Fuck Sakic.