The Legend Of Jaromir Jágr Grows With An All-Time Good Guy Move

Jaromir Jagr is still playing! At age 50, he is the 21st century Reggie Dunlop by not only being a player but he is also the owner of the team. The team plays in the top Czech league, which EBR can not win a bet on, but Jagr continues to do his thing and play hockey. Kladno is the name of the team and they have been struggling all season that sees them at the bottom of the table.  The legendary player with the best mullet of all time got off to a great start in the season but has been battling injuries for most of the second half. His stat line is 43 games 9 snipes and 11 apples… which is unreal at age 50. 

This move is very similar to his old line-mate Mario Lemieux when he owned the Pens and kept playing. This was a great accomplishment, but what #66 really did was save a storied franchise from relocating away from Pittsburgh.  The Pens have won cups and are thriving and this is exactly what Jagr wants to do with his childhood team.  

A few days ago, Jagr announced that he would move the final home game from the 5200 seat home arena to play in the 18,000 seat O2 arena in Prague.  Why would an owner do this? He is doing this to raise money for the Ukrainian refugees that have to flee their home country in search of safety in the Czech Republic.  In a world of bad news, this is what it is all about. He is using his platform for a great cause.  The game is against Sparta Prague and with #68 on the lineup card, the place will be packed to the rafters. 

Will this solve all the problems that area of the world is facing? No, but money will be needed and this game is a great way to do it.  The awareness this will bring to the plight of the refugees will be pulling on everyone's heartstrings.

Both teams are already locked into their playoff positions, so they will play very loose and make the game as entertaining as they can for the fans.  It's still a high-level professional game, but I just have a feeling the hockey gods will be looking down on this game and I would not be surprised to #68 tickle the twine and send the 18,000 fans into a frenzy.

No blog is complete without action so maybe a play on the game? 

Murls’ Best Bet:  Jagr over 9.5 points +2600 (not offered) 

And here is the post that most non-hockey fans know Jagr from. When a 19-year-old model thought she could blackmail him when she scored with the HOF player. Backfire since Jagr was single and said "I don't care". The best part of the story is the girl was dating a player on the Czech World Junior team at the time, needless to say, the wedding invitations were lost in the mail.