The Chiclets EBR World Concierge: Après Ski In Davos With Beer, Bars And A Bet To Pay For It All!

Just like the song goes “ I have been everywhere man, I have been everywhere!!” and I am going to pass this knowledge onto the great fans of Barstool by using experiences.  But let us be serious this blog is mostly about winning money.  We will give you a bet on the local team that will make you money and adds fun facts about some of the great cities around the world. For all the stat people in the crowd, I have played in 18 countries and have been to 33 total throughout the world.  Check the game notes!! 

LOCATION: Davos, Switzerland - This famous alpine ski resort town located in the Alps and is best known for hosting the World Economic Forum.  There is a total of 200 miles of ski slopes and the village is a great place to meet up and party after hitting the slopes.

Must visit Bar: Pöstli-Club 

If you want to crush beers with the local hockey team this is where the boys go.  This spot has a DJ playing old school music and it creates an unreal atmosphere.  The move is to get a couch seat near the dance floor order up a round of drinks and relax.  The real estate is big here since it can be crowded.  Alumni of the team says “Postli has everything you need in a night out with the boys… order minimum of 5 beers at a time cause the lines can be very long!” 

Casino Davos - There is a casino in the town for all of us that have the gambling itch after a few pints. When hitting the tables abroad it's important you understand the currency exchange, to make sure you're betting the right limits. Roulette is big and seems to hit 22 when we need it!!

Food And Beer:

Kessler's Klum Restaurant - The views at this place are unreal! This restaurant is a little outside the city but has kept the local charm feel for a long time.   Go with the MONSTEINER BEER – CHEESE FONDUE this mixes two of the best food and drink in Davos. Cheese fondue is a must-have when in Switzerland. I loved dipping pretzels in this beer and cheese mix. 

Beer: Monsteiner Beer- The locals drink it so you should too, this is the best beer anytime and anywhere.. This is a traditional pale lager. This beer is a quick way to make it a liquid lunch.  This beer will run ya at 5.2% but they come fast and there is never a shortage.  

Local Team:  HC Davos - 31 time champions of the Swiss League with a large number of those coming before 1960. They have made a resurgence capturing 6 titles in the 2000’s. North Americans are familiar with this club as they host the Spengler Cup around Christmas time each season.

Top Swiss Players: Reto von Arx, Mark Streit, Jonas Hiller

Top Import Players: Ron Wilson, Joe Thornton, Alexander Daigle, Rick Nash

Arena: Valliant Arena - It holds 7,080 people for a game with more than half of that number coming with standing room only. One of the weirdest arenas I’ve ever played in and it felt almost like playing in a church but also a sauna at the same time.

Crowd Vibe: When it's packed its bonkers and the fans make it very tough for visiting teams to play.

Now that you know where to go and what to eat and drink let's put some Swiss Francs in your pocket. Davos needs to win to secure a first round playoff bye, they will be all guns a-blazing today!! 

Murls’ Best Bet:  Davos ML -150 

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