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RISE AND GRIND BABY EBR Is Hungry For 3 Things: Great Food, Strong Drinks, And Winning Money On Nordic Hockey

A long weekend is upon us and EBR loves a great Friday lunch menu. Let’s get right to it with the two games going on in Europe.

9:00 am Est.: SHL Playoffs Semi-Final: Frölunda at Luleå


Back to the basics is a great strategy when starting a weekend.  I can see the text messages going out from the EBR crew “ Just a heads up I am starting early today with some winners in Europe and free beers on me with the winnings!” That is it.. Let people know you put bets on hockey games that happen in Northern Sweden like the Arctic Circle North.  Luleå was an early favorite to win it all with their great goaltending and timely scoring and we still like them today.  Frölunda just won their series with multiple OT games and this trip North is not be easy.  Sit back with this local beer and enjoy. If you were in Luleå for the game enjoy it outside gazing upon the northern lights. The beer is called Dark Side of the Moon and is locally brewed at the, you guessed it, Northern Lights Brewery. 

MURLS BEST BET:  Luleå 3-WAY -110 Barstool Sportsbook

11:30 am Est.: SM-Liiga Playoffs - TPS at Ilves

Main Course:

After a few too many 10.5% Swedish beers EBR will need to put a little fuel in the tank. Finland has all types of local delicacies and that is no different in Tampere where the local team Iives plays. This nice city is in the middle of Finland and located between a bunch of lakes. I have spoken to my Finnish buddies and they say if you leave Tampere without trying the mustamakkara. This translates to Black sausage which is also known as a blood sausage. This should be bought at a local market stall and make sure to get it warm.  Make sure to put some lingonberry jam on it.  EBR went airborne on Finnish Air yesterday for an easy win and we like this one just as much!

Murls’ Best Bet: Game Under 5 -132 Barstool Sportsbook

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