Irish Immigrant Bludgeons Puerto Rican Woman While A Crowd Of Drunken Spectators Do Nothing

Last night, Madison Square Garden hosted a girl fight.

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Brooklyn's own, Amanda Serrano tried to take 5 belts from Ireland's Katie Taylor, and after 10 rounds of toe-to-toe action… Katie walked away with the split decision.


Dave and Dan were ringside in front of the cameras.  I was ringside directly across from them in the MEDIA SECTION where cameras don't dare go (us media types are kinda ugly).  There were a host of Barstool personalities in the venue.  And everyone got to witness a world-class fight in front of a RAUCOUS beer-soaked Garden crowd.

Was it the greatest fight I have ever seen?

Absolutely not.


Was it the loudest The Garden has ever been?

Again… No way.

But it was loud enough that the ref and fighters could not hear the bell multiple times to close out the rounds.

I had the fight scored as a generous DRAW, but a ton of people had Serrano because of the way she dominated the first half of the fight, including a Fifth Round that the girls fought in a phone booth and I was surprised Taylor survived.

Looking at the CompuBox numbers, Amanda was busier, outthrowing Taylor by a considerable margin (Total Punches- 173 vs 147 in favor of Serrano). BUT Taylor was a lot more accurate with her punches (39.2% landed vs 27.7% in favor of Taylor) and apparently, Katie did just enough early while turning it on late in the fight.

Whatever the case… The ladies made history headlining Madison Square Garden for the first time in history, and Katie Taylor defended all 5 of her belts.

Now we wait to hear if they run this one back… Possibly in Ireland… Which would be fucking AWESOME.

So what's next for boxing?

I'll tell you what's next… IT'S VEGAS FIGHT WEEK!

All eyes in the boxing world will turn to watch Canelo Alvarez step up to light-heavyweight to take on a Russian MONSTER in Dmitry Bivol… And Barstool is going to be all over it.

I am flying out tomorrow to be boots-on-the-ground, covering all the festivities for The 13th Round… 

Barstool will drop 3 episodes of branded content starring Billy Football and I embedded in the Bivol and Alvarez camps…

(This one is kinda creepy.)

And then Dave, Dan, and Robbie will be doing color on DAZN's alternate feed on Fight Night which you can get by clicking on this link…

I can't fucking wait.