Hot Ice Welcomes Special Guest Jake Arietta

Thursday Hot Ice is back !!!! I thought the story of the day would be I am 5-0 on my last 5 Best Bets on Hot Ice, however the news is clearly the special guest. A CY Young Winner, a World Series Champion, multiple no hitters, and a man's man.... Jake Arrieta.

Justin K. Aller. Getty Images.

As mentioned, he's the co host of Starting 9 with Carl . Go give it a listen : 

On today's HOT ICE, we pick Jake's brain about the ins and outs of getaway days, road trips, cities where teams may be going out too much, pitching matchups, and a ton more. All with the angle of how to gamble on those specific situations. It's a great great episode and I know we will see Jake often this season. 

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The Hit Parade has been priced… it's Tim Anderson, Trea Turner, and Freddie Freeman. It's +4.2 units YTD and I Love it as always tonight. Get involved, send us your bet slips and enjoy the cash. 

Have a great weekend, enjoy the games - see you Tuesday.