Rangers need a miracle, but EBR has two winners!!

The NHL playoffs round 3 are winding down with 1 team punching their ticket and now we wait to see who will be playing the Avs! This blog has been an everyday staple in the life of the EBR bettors who want to cash tickets.

GAME OF THE NIGHT - NY Rangers @ TB Lightning (Series TB 3-2)

Barstool Sportsbook Odds: Lightning ML -200 Over 5 -141

Murls Breakdown

The Rangers had a 2-0 lead going into the 3rd period of game 3 which would have given them a 3-0 lead in the series and history tells us that they would have been moving on to the cup finals.  That seems like a lifetime ago… Tampa has shown their class and why they are the defending champs by storming back in the series to be up 3-2 headed home to close it out.  All bettors look for streaks and when those streaks are going to end. EBR was on the streak of home wins by Carolina coming to and end last series at the hands of the Blue shirts but this streak now they face will show the character of this scrappy young team.

Vasy, the absolute giant cat in net for TB and gets even bigger in closeout games. 

He rises to the occasion in these games.. Maybe he knows the rest this team needs because of the minutes they have logged over the last few cup runs.   The Tampa team is like Matt Damon in the movie Rounders, where Teddy KGB gets frustrated and says “ Hanging around, hanging around the kid has alligator blood!”  

This team is never out of it. They have such confidence in their system that if they keep plugging the other team will flinch and they have them.  Almost like Mike Tyson staring at his opponents the whole time waiting for them to look away and he knows he has them.  The Rangers have blinked and Tampa is looking for blood. 

The Rangers need the lead and to not let off the gas.  You can not sit back on this team and play prevent.  That 1-0 lead needed to be 2-0 says the captain obvious but it is so important.  Also, please play harder on Kucherov.. Looks like he can skate around with a carton of eggs and none would break.  Get on them and use their patience against them.  Get pucks deep and make the Lightning play 200 ft.   I want to see a game 7 so EBR can play the rules.  But this is a tall task for any team. The Rangers are young and do not seem to get overwhelmed by the moment.   So Rangers get in the face of the TB and do not break the stare, make them flinch. Look for a low scoring close game.


Under 5.5 -148 

Under TB team goals 3 - 136 

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