There Is No Panic In Tampa, But Should There Be?..Tonight's EBR Winner And A Party In Edmonton

The NHL playoffs round 3 are ready and boy oh boy are there some storylines. This blog has been an everyday staple in the life of the EBR bettors who want to cash tickets.

GAME OF THE NIGHT - TB Lightning @ NY Rangers (Series Rangers 1-0)

Barstool Sportsbook Odds: NY Rangers ML +110 Over 5.5 +110

Murls Breakdown: 

Game 1 was as close to a perfect game the Rangers have played all season and what a great time for it to happen. The importance of getting in the W column versus the defending champs was very important but as defending champs there is no panic in that locker room.  Cooper put it perfectly “the Rangers have dynamic players if you give them an inch they take a mile!” This is perfect. 

The Rangers scored early in the game and even after it was tied up they were more aggressive all game and completely outworked Tampa. The biggest thing that led to this game 1 was the transition play of the Rangers.  They were so fast in the neutral zone and creating odd man rushes all game.  

But Tampa will not be panicking.. They lost game 1 to Toronto 5-0 and won in 7. They have been here before and if you think Vasy will give up 5 or 6 tonight then I hope the odds are forever in your favor. Tampa is 18-0 after a loss in the playoffs during this historic run the last few years.. Can NYR change that? Or does Vasy settle in and pitch a shutout tonight? 

One thing is for sure the Lightning better slow down the kids in the neutral zone and make them play 200 ft.  This game is a coin toss and I feel like TB is going to be like a parent pulling their kid into the deep end of the pool and making the kids tired and then look to take advantage. Cooper and his staff have always pushed the right buttons after a loss and made some tweaks that served them well in game 2.  

My guess: keep the puck outside the dots and absorb pressure with no turnovers in the neutral zone.  Keep it simple and live by the 5 foot rule.  Any time you are 5 feet from a blue line the puck must get in or get out.  Also, do not let the puck go side to side which gave Vasy problems last game. 

With all that said about the Lightning game plan I have to ride the blueshirts at home with Igor.

I can't wait to wait to break the streak everyone is talking about. Come watch the end of the game with us in Edmonton and this 18-0 is going to be 18-1 after tonight!!


Rangers ml +110

Prop bet of the night: over shots on goal 67.5 -120 


Under 5.5 = L

Draw 1st period = W

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