Fading J.T. Brubaker Is My Favorite Thing To Do

John Fisher. Shutterstock Images.

J.T.  Brubaker is by all accounts a nice guy. Never met the man, but I'm sure he is a nice enough person. However with that said "This is business baby" as Lee Corso says, and fading this man has been profitable. He's holding a 4.15 ERA and a 1-7 record. 

The Brewers are only -127 at the time of print , and hit Brubaker EXTREMELY well. I love the Brewers today. 

We cover that, our dogs of the day, the Freddie Freeman situation, Sandy Alcantara having brass balls and more on Today's episode of Hot Ice.

The Hit Parade features 3 guys scorching hot and has boosted odds as always , come tail +265 with the boys : 

Happy 4th of July, gamble responsibly and God Bless America.