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Heinz Field Is No More, The Best and Worst NFL Stadium Names

Heinz Field was one of the better NFL stadium names and it's gone. Not only is it gone, but the new stadium name is just bad.

I can hear the fans now. "Yinz go Acrisure?" 

There are some bad NFL stadium names, but this is may be the worst. The new name was probably not going to be well received no matter what it was, but it's like they didn't even try. Not only is Acrisure just another insurance company, but the name is not friendly to persons with speech impediments at all. They may as well have named it Rural Juror Stadium. With Heinz Field gone, we have a new top 5 NFL stadium names. 

I had some serious thoughts on number 5. It could easily be replaced with Ford Field. I love the alliteration of both.

Mercedes-Benz Superdome would have made the list, but it changed names last year.

Allegiant Stadium has a nice ring to it, but I think it would still be just outside the top 5.

Pittsburgh went from best to worst as the new stadium name absolutely falls into the bottom 5.

U.S. Bank and M&T Bank are on here mainly because they are just basic bank names. Bank of America may be a horrible bank, but it's still a good name, so I couldn't include it.

Credit to me for including TIAA Bank Field on here. Others would try to make up excuses for why their home stadium name isn't bad. Not me. I have integrity, some may say to a fault. Not only is it a bank name, but it's a 4 letter abbreviated bank name. The one redeeming factor is that they include the word bank, so even if you've never heard of it, you know what it is. 

I've said my piece on Acrisure.

Then you have GEHA Field. If people are confused about whether your name is an abbreviation or an acronym, just say the full name. Hey GEHA, you're not GEICO! I had some pushback on this from Chiefs fans claiming that's just the name of the field and Arrowhead is still the name of the stadium. 

I understand the argument and colloquially, it may still be referred to as just Arrowhead, but this is an official list, so the official name is what we have to use. Again, credit to me for having integrity.