For The First Time In Over 20 Years, Cowboys Fans Will Get To Watch Some Winners As The PLL Rolls Into Town

Imagine being a Dallas Cowboys fan. Waking up every morning and having your entire existence being based upon things that happened damn near 30 years ago. There are folks out there who have grown up through their childhood rooting for the Cowboys, went off to college rooting for the Cowboys, came back home and started a family of their own rooting for the Cowboys, and all the while they've never actually witnessed the Cowboys win a Super Bowl. An organization that was once the beacon of excellence, and now has become a running punch line. 

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Part of me feels awful for Cowboys fans. Part of me wants them to be able to enjoy happiness and witness a winning product. And now for the first time since 1995, they'll get exactly that as the PLL heads down to Ford Center at The Star. The fine folks of Dallas get to watch the best that professional lacrosse has to offer all day on Saturday and Sunday. It'll probably be the best Sunday they've had in quite some time. So let's talk about the games on this week's schedule. 

PLL Week 8 Schedule

Archers (4-2) vs Atlas (4-2) // Saturday, 2pm // ESPN 

These are the two most electric offenses in the league. But the first time they played against each other this season, it seemed like both teams sort of cancelled each other out and we ended with a 10-9 final. So the over might be a little risky here, but I have a feeling the turf at The Star is going to be a little juiced. Boys are going to be flying around a little faster, shots are going to be bouncing a little higher off the turf. I think if there's one stadium in America built for a shit ton of goals, it's a Jerry Jones joint. So give me the two most electric offenses just going back and forth all game for something crazy like a 17-16 final. Over 24.5 is my play here, leaning Atlas ML. 

Chrome (4-2) vs Whipsnakes (5-1) // Saturday, 4:30pm // ESPN+

Speaking of playing at the Dallas Cowboys practice facility, you have to imagine that Matt Rambo is going to have a massive game on Saturday. The Eagles fan is going to want to mushroom stamp that entire facility. And if Rambo is going, then the rest of the Whips are following closely behind. Give me Whipsnakes -1.5.

Waterdogs (3-3) vs Cannons (1-5) // Sunday, 1pm // ESPN+

The Waterdogs might just be the best rounded team in the league. They're above average at every position, especially if Jake Withers is healthy at the faceoff stripe. So they have the ability to be a top team in this league as long as they stay healthy and take care of business. Sunday afternoon is a big time take care of business game for them. I wouldn't call this a must-win game, but it is for sure a can't-lose. If the Waterdogs are actually going to do something in the playoffs, they need to prove they can put a beatdown on a 1-5 Cannons team that is currently in disarray. So Waterdogs -1.5 is the play here.

Redwoods (2-4) vs Chaos (1-5) // Sunday, 3:30pm // ESPN+

The Waterdogs might have a can't-lose on the schedule this weekend, but the Chaos absolutely have a must-win. The defending champs are 1-5 on the summer so far. They are so much better than a 1-5 team but for some reason they just can't figure it out. Granted, they played the first 3 weeks of the season without half of their regular roster. But that's not an excuse anymore. The Chaos need to win this game on Sunday. Sure, they could still lose and still make the playoffs just as long as they're not as shitty as the Cannons. But this should still be treated like a playoff game for them. Chaos ML.