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"Biz Does The Coast" Trilogy Should Be Nominated For An Emmy!!!

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Since Biz joined the Chiclets Crew, he never ceases to amaze us with what seems to be a never-ending well of content ideas.  The concept to go behind the scenes in the real minor leagues to give a unique look to the Chiclets nation is on the top of any list of great ideas. And there is nothing better in the world when an idea comes together.  

HBO gave the hockey world a behind-the-scenes snapshot with the lead-up to the Winter Classic but that is the upper limits of the sport… I want “The Jungle” live and in my face.  I never played in the coast but I know guys that did and man o man the stories of how they grind can keep me up nights. 

The first stop was Orlando, Florida, one of the cities on every ECHL player's top 5 list to sign with. The great weather and the city itself are perfect for minor league players carving out their careers.  Of course, when the boys went, leave it to the Pink Whitney crew to step up and sponsor the night.  I dare you to watch this video and not say to yourself “ I gotta get to one of these games!!” Enjoy! 


The second stop on the tour was Atlanta, Georgia and it was time to celebrate one of the good guys in pro hockey Derek Nesbitt and his 1,000th game. This video hit a little differently as Biz pulled on the heartstrings for this one.  Anyone who gets to 1000 games in professional hockey and does it the right way like Derek deserves to have a spotlight shine on him for this night. 


The third and final stop found the crew in a city that every listener and fan has heard about multiple times on the POD … Wheeling, West Virginia. This episode includes two absolute characters from Barstool Nick Turani and KB No Swag. This group of troublemakers does their best to take on Biz’s first pro city or like he says the first team to be cutting me checks. This video is unreal and should be in Barstool’s hall of fame. 


I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for Biz’s next great idea and who knows after the success of this trilogy maybe the wild idea of Chiclets Does Europe will come true one day! I gotta give a special shoutout to Sean Apuzzo and his team for an outstanding job on the production and edit once again, this is maybe his best work to date.

Everybody Rides!!!

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