Mickey Joseph's Revenge Game 32 Years In The Making Is Why Nebraska Will Cover (And Maybe Win)

As I'm sure you have heard, Nebraska has fired Scott Frost. 

There's been a lot of talk over the past few days surrounding how incompetent Scott Frost truly was at Nebraska.

Stories are coming out, they may be true, they may not be, but one thing we do know is that on Saturday, Nebraska will play a football game. That game in question is a pretty big one too....with history. Oklahoma and Nebraska go WAY back. Now they play in Lincoln, Nebraska when both programs are under new head coaches. Brent Venables is entering game 3, while Mickey Joseph is entering game 1 with his massive smile.

Mickey Joseph played at Nebraska, just like Scott Frost. He was a QB, just like Scott Frost. Unfortunately for Mickey Joseph, his career ended on a cheap shot…in a game against Oklahoma. 

Now, his first game as a head coach at Nebraska? Against Oklahoma. 32 years Mickey Joseph has waited for revenge. Tomorrow is the day.

The spread currently is at Oklahoma -11 on the Barstool Sportsbook. 

Nebraska +11 is (responsibly) a must-play in my book. The situation would be a must-play if I was the interim coach of Nebraska, because everyone is on Oklahoma. Of course, you take the top 10 team only favored by 11 against a dysfunctional Nebraska team that just lost to Georgia Southern! NOPE! Mickey Joseph is gonna lead this team in a HARD fought effort. We may look back on Nebraska at the end of this season and say to ourselves….Scott Frost truly was addition by subtraction. 

We discussed this exact game at 54:52 of the latest Unnecessary Roughness if you want to hear Brandon Walker say Nebraska is gonna win the football game!